Free NLP Training and Hypnosis Training in Orange County

I’m excited to announce that I’m restarting up the NLP and Hypnosis Skill Building Meetups again!! It’s not just about NLP and Hypnosis though…we will be training on things like:

Negotiation Tactics, Sales Objections and Sales Closing Techniques, Persuasion Tactics, Trance Phenomena, Rapid Inductions, Body Language, Lie Detection, Cold Reading, Personality Profiling and lots of other really cool stuff.

All skill sets are welcome, and all levels of experience are welcome.

Check out the brainstorming mindmap I created below which will give you an idea of the kind of things in store…

For the time being, it will be free.  Once we start getting tight on space…we’ll need to start charging (a nominal fee to cover room rental).

Check it out here:

Meetup Brainstorm Mindmap for NLP and Hypnosis Training Group

Hurry and sign up before we fill up!!!

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