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No drugs, patches, gums, supplements, shakes or fad diets.  Automatically Lose Weight the proven, healthy way!

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Countless people all around the world are embracing weight loss journeys with the wrong approach. They try to solve the problem without facing the underlying cause of it.

Common weight loss programs try to force people to stop eating what they eat and dramatically modify their routines without even considering what’s behind those bad habits and destructive behaviors.

Everything starts in the subconscious mind and most of these programs fail to successfully approach this matter, condemning most users to quit their healthy journey before getting the desired results.

MetaShifts’ program has a different philosophy.[/text_block]

Ericksonian Hypnosis

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” top_padding=”10″ width=”460″]This program uses Ericksonian Hypnosis, which is widely acknowledged by practicing hypnotists as the most effective method of penetrating deeply into the subconscious mind.  Milton Erickson is regarded as the father of modern hypnosis, and the language patterns used in this program are modeled after him for maximum effectiveness.[/text_block]
  • Brainwave Entrainment using Binaural Beats technology

    Binaural Beats in the 4-7hz Theta range are used to encourage ideal states of consciousness for maximum hypnotic effect

  • Beautifully composed music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

    Beautifully composed music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, B.SC, MSC.D, a metaphysical artist and musician who has carefully crafted a masterpiece to gently guide you into the deepest realms of the unconscious mind.

  • Cutting-Edge NLP

    The latest in Neuro Linguistic Programming technology, including analogical marking, future pacing, and subliminal suggestion are used to compound the effects of this powerful program.

  • High Quality studio sound utilizing 3D voice recording technology

    3D dual-induction voices and suggestions add to the hypnotic effect and take you deep.

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What my Clients Have to Say

  • Jason has worked with me on a few different issues and all I can say is that I have been so amazed at how good he is and how well his techniques work. I worked with him first on a confusion issue that was keeping me from progressing in any particular business ventures. I am now firmly focused on my fitness business! Dynamic Fitness Systems. I also have worked with him on food cravings and have been so pleased with how well it worked. I am always looking for more way to work on any health issues since that is my business and I would tell anyone to go to Jason West for hypnotherapy as a great addition to any health and fitness program. Thank you Jason, YOU ROCK!

    Lauren Denos
    Lauren Denos Dynamic Fitness Systems in Mission Viejo, CA
  • Dear Jason,
    Thank you so much for all the effort and care you have so genorously given me. I am so grateful. Since our meeting and working together i have experience unbelievable changes in my life, where nothing has changed, yet everything has changed sort of thing if you know what i mean. Everything from embracing my work challenges and walking through somewhat fearful tasks, to meeting the girl of my dreams, and finally to consciously and diligently working with other people listening and embracing what is in front of me, task or friend. Dude my attitude has been outstanding even when i feel otherwise. I dont know what else to say other than, i am so grateful to you for taking me on and working with me despite my shortcomings and how little i had to offer, your efforts have contributed greatly in my opinion to the recent changes and goodness i feel around me, and we both know how i felt when we met !!!! Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!

    Derek S.
    Derek S.
  • Dear Jason, I wanted to share with you that I’ve been smoke free now for over 4 months. I’ve tried patches, pills, nicotine gum, and cold turkey to quit my smoking habit of 20+ years – all without success. I honestly didn’t believe that I would be able to quit smoking with hypnosis, much less with just one session, but here I am now, completely smoke free and feeling great. You were wonderful to work with, and it was worth every penny. Thank you!”

    Zainab Gida
    Zainab Gida Laguna Niguel, CA
  • I was a bit skeptical about how much a breakthrough session would help, I didn’t think I really had anything significant to work on. Jason is AMAZING! He was really easy to talk to and asked all the right questions. I was able to change the worst part about my relationship for the better. My boyfriend & I haven’t fought about our differences, in fact, we appreciate our differences & are able to fully communicate with one another and keep an open mind by fully accepting & acknowledging the opinions we both have. Jason is very open & easy to listen to & talk to. He is a pro when discovering the structure of a problem or concern and making it just disappear.

  • Initially a bit skeptical, I visited Jason’s office to deal with my intense fear of snakes. Prior to the session, I frankly couldn’t imagine how he was going to be able to help me.However his techniques were remarkably successful. My fear was replaced by fascination and although difficult to explain, he managed to cancel the negative power I had associated with snakes. The mind is a wondrous thing. Jason proved to me that he was adept in his techniques to help me overcome my fear. Based upon my experience, I recommend his unique and helpful services.

    Trisha B.
    Trisha B. Trabuco Canyon, CA
  • Hey Jason, Thanks so much for the mini-hypno sesh during lunch a couple of weeks ago. It seriously helped. I’ve been out three times in the water with absolutely no fear….I also told Mark about it and how it may help him with some things.

    Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis Orange, CA
  • Jason, It’s been over six months now and I am still a non-smoker. I can’t thank you enough. It was amazingly easy & continues to be. If you ever need a reference call this ex-smoker.”

    Marilyn C.
    Marilyn C.
  • Jason has helped me in ways i never thought possible. I am motivated every day and my sales have skyrocketed!

    V. Hua
    V. Hua Los Angeles, CA
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What is the Program your Mind to Lose Weight with Hypnosis audio program?

The Program your Mind to Lose Weight with Hypnosis audio program developed by Jason D. West is a plan that interacts with your subconscious mind and achieves the healthy results you need today to live a happier, more vibrant life.

After many years of experience in the exciting hypnotherapy and neurolinguistics programming fields, Jason D. West, founder of MetaShifts Hypnosis, has created a very powerful program that makes great use of the best resources and tools to positively influence the mind.

The way you eat, drink, and exercise is, in many different ways, defined by the subconscious mind, which often establishes negative, quite destructive patterns of behavior.

And because you cannot act against what your mind considers appropriate, you need to work on it first. That’s your priority!

Based on the finest methods and techniques, the Program your Mind to Lose Weight with Hypnosis audio program faces the real cause of the problem, that inner trigger that makes us do the wrong things for our health and wellbeing.[/text_block]

Clinical Studies on Hypnosis

  • As of December 15, 2004 results from more than 3,000 clinical research studies are available showing positive benefits from hypnosis.  (According to: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/)

    National Institutes of Health
  • According to studies done at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, suggestions given in a hypnotic state, even once, can produce actions in human beings that are the same type of actions that would have resulted from more long-term conditioning and practice.

    Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London
  • In a research study on Self-hypnosis for relapse prevention training with chronic drug/alcohol users, (Am J Clin Hypn. 2004 Apr;46(4):281-97), individuals who played self-hypnosis audiotapes “at least 3 to 5 times a week,” at 7-week follow-up, reported the highest levels of self-esteem and serenity, and the least anger/impulsivity, in comparison to the minimal-practice and control groups.

    American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
  • In a research study done with 60 college student volunteers (Spring of 2004 at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona), using hypnosis with ego-enhancement suggestions showed “significantly dramatic effects” in brain-wave patterns, subjective sense of self-confidence, and test scores.

    Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona
  • As reported by NewScientist.com news service: “Hypnosis is more than just a party trick; it measurably changes how the brain works,” says John Gruzelier, a research psychologist at Imperial College in London . “Hypnosis significantly affects the activity in a part of the brain responsible for detecting and responding to errors, an area that controls higher level executive functions.” The finding is one of the first to indicate a biological mechanism underpinning the experience of hypnosis. “This explains why, under hypnosis, help cancer patients deal with painful treatments.

    New Scientist
  • Clinical trials of therapeutic hypnosis confirm its potential benefits. Christina Liossi, a psychologist at the University of Wales in Swansea, recently conducted a study of 80 cancer patients aged 6 to 16. She found that those under hypnosis experienced far less pain during treatments than control children, who simply talked to the researchers normally.

    Christina Liossi
    Christina Liossi University of Wales in Swansea
  • According to published results of clinical studies (Am J Clin Hypn. 2004 Apr), the use of hypnosis facilitates a more uncomplicated birth process. In a separate research study done by University of Florida counseling psychologist Paul Schauble, it was also found that women who learn hypnosis before delivering babies suffer fewer complications, need less medication and are more likely to have healthier babies than are women without hypnosis. Schauble’s first study involved adolescents getting prenatal care at a public health clinic. A group of 20 patients who received hypnosis preparation were compared with 20 who were given supportive counseling and 20 patients in a control group who received only the standard prenatal care. None of the women who received hypnosis required surgical intervention in their deliveries, compared with 12 in the supportive counseling group and eight in the control group, he said. “Patients who are prepared for labor and delivery in hypnosis are more likely to absorb and benefit from information because they are in a relaxed, highly focused state,” he said.

    American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
  • In an ongoing pilot study being done by University of Florida counseling psychologist Paul Schauble, preliminary results show hypnotized patients with hypertension are more easily able to make lifestyle improvements that can lower blood pressure.

    Paul Schauble
    Paul Schauble University of Florida
  • A study being done by a team of University of Florida researchers is finding that learning self-hypnosis gives a patient greater control over the stress, anxiety and pain of medical operations and childbirth, overall. “Training patients in hypnosis prior to undergoing surgery is a way of helping them develop a sense of control over their stress, discomfort and anxiety,” says Dr. Paul Schauble, psychologist. “It also helps them better understand what they can do to bring about a more satisfying and rapid recovery.” He also said, “We’ve found, in working with individual patients, that they often feel literally stripped of control when they go into the hospital. The surgeon may do a good job of explaining the surgery, but patients’ anxiety may make it difficult for them to absorb or comprehend. This can result in undue apprehension that can create complications or prolonged recovery.”

    University of Florida
  • In 1998 Henry Szechtman of McMaster University in Ontario and his co-workers used PET to image the brain activity of hypnotized subjects who were invited to imagine a scenario in which they were listening to someone speaking to them, and who then actually experienced a scenario in which they were listening to someone speaking to them. The researchers noted that the act of imagining a sound, called hallucinating a sound, was experienced exactly the same as real hearing, both being experienced as coming from an external source.

    Henry Szechtman
    Henry Szechtman McMaster University, Ontario
  • An analysis of five weight loss studies reported in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 1996 showed that the weight loss reported in the five studies indicates that hypnosis can more than double the effects of traditional weight loss approaches.

    Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
    Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology University of Connecticut
  • Hypnosis became popular as a treatment for medical conditions in the late 1700s when effective pharmaceutical and surgical treatment options were limited. In 1958 hypnosis was recognized by the American Medical Association as a legitimate, safe approach to medical and psychological problems. The American Psychiatric Association (APA), and the British Medical Association (BMA), has recognized hypnosis as a viable therapeutic tool as well. Though often denigrated as fake or wishful thinking, hypnosis has been shown to be a real phenomenon with a variety of therapeutic uses especially in controlling pain.

    Scientific American July, 2001
  • Numerous scientific studies have emerged in recent years showing that the hypnotized mind can exert a real and powerful effect on the body.

    The Wall Street Journal in the October 7th, 2003
  • The easiest way to break bad habits is through hypnosis.

    Newsweek Magazine
  • Hypnosis can be used very effectively for pain reduction. It can also be very useful in treating anxiety in people who are anxious.  Hypnosis has been shown to be effective in helping people to stop smoking and in controlling overeating.

    David Spiegel, M.D. Associate Chairman of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    David Spiegel, M.D. Associate Chairman of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Stanford University
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  • Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
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