Jason has worked with me on a few different issues and all I can say is that I have been so amazed at how good he is and how well his techniques work. I worked with him first on a confusion issue that was keeping me from progressing in any particular business ventures. I am now firmly focused on my fitness business! Dynamic Fitness Systems. I also have worked with him on food cravings and have been so pleased with how well it worked. I am always looking for more way to work on any health issues since that is my business and I would tell anyone to go to Jason West for hypnotherapy as a great addition to any health and fitness program. Thank you Jason, YOU ROCK!  – Lauren Denos, Dynamic Fitness Systems in Mission Viejo, CA

It always feels great to check your voicemail and get one of these (press play):

Dear Jason,
Thank you so much for all the effort and care you have so genorously given me. I am so grateful. Since our meeting and working together i have experience unbelievable changes in my life, where nothing has changed, yet everything has changed sort of thing if you know what i mean. Everything from embracing my work challenges and walking through somewhat fearful tasks, to meeting the girl of my dreams, and finally to consciously and diligently working with other people listening and embracing what is in front of me, task or friend. Dude my attitude has been outstanding even when i feel otherwise. I dont know what else to say other than, i am so grateful to you for taking me on and working with me despite my shortcomings and how little i had to offer, your efforts have contributed greatly in my opinion to the recent changes and goodness i feel around me, and we both know how i felt when we met !!!! Thank you so much !!!!!!!!! – Derek S.

Dear Jason, I wanted to share with you that I’ve been smoke free now for over 4 months. I’ve tried patches, pills, nicotine gum, and cold turkey to quit my smoking habit of 20+ years – all without success. I honestly didn’t believe that I would be able to quit smoking with hypnosis, much less with just one session, but here I am now, completely smoke free and feeling great. You were wonderful to work with, and it was worth every penny. Thank you!” – Zainab Gida, Laguna Niguel, CA

Hey Jason, Just wanted you to know that your speaking engagement was phenomemal. Thanks for being such a great trainer!” – Michael Stevenson, Orange County, CA

I was a bit skeptical about how much a breakthrough session would help, I didn’t think I really had anything significant to work on. Jason is AMAZING! He was really easy to talk to and asked all the right questions. I was able to change the worst part about my relationship for the better. My boyfriend & I haven’t fought about our differences, in fact, we appreciate our differences & are able to fully communicate with one another and keep an open mind by fully accepting & acknowledging the opinions we both have. Jason is very open & easy to listen to & talk to. He is a pro when discovering the structure of a problem or concern and making it just disappear. – Makena

Initially a bit skeptical, I visited Jason’s office to deal with my intense fear of snakes. Prior to the session, I frankly couldn’t imagine how he was going to be able to help me.However his techniques were remarkably successful. My fear was replaced by fascination and although difficult to explain, he managed to cancel the negative power I had associated with snakes. The mind is a wondrous thing. Jason proved to me that he was adept in his techniques to help me overcome my fear. Based upon my experience, I recommend his unique and helpful services. – Trisha B., Trabuco Canyon, CA

Hey Jason, Thanks so much for the mini-hypno sesh during lunch a couple of weeks ago. It seriously helped. I’ve been out three times in the water with absolutely no fear….I also told Mark about it and how it may help him with some things. – Jessica Davis, Orange, CA

Jason, It’s been over six months now and I am still a non-smoker. I can’t thank you enough. It was amazingly easy & continues to be. If you ever need a reference call this ex-smoker.” – Marilyn C.

Jason has helped me in ways i never thought possible. I am motivated every day and my sales have skyrocketed! His unconventional and perhaps somewhat controversial methods of therapy have taken me to new heights of confidence, and my self esteem is better than it has ever been. Yes, he can be hard on me sometimes, and sometimes i just want to scream, but he seems to know exactly what buttons to push with me. He is amazingly talented and I am deeply satisfied with his services. I will highly recommend him to all of my friends and can’t wait to see what’s in store for me at our next session. – V. Hua, Los Angeles, CA

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