Transformational Repatterning Technology™ (TRT)

Transformational Repatterning Technology™ (TRT) is an extremely powerful, cutting edge system which combines hypnosis, neuro-linguistics, and the latest advances in social psychology with highly effective external improvement tools, along with progress driven accountability coaching so you can literally watch your transformation on a day by day basis.

TRT consists of 3 fundamental pillars:

Client Therapy Sessions:  Each TRT program typically consists of 4-5 sessions over a period of 2-3 months, during which we explore various elements of what is to be accomplished and begin the transformation process using many types of therapy:  Detailed goal setting, exploring and releasing of emotional blocks, strategy creation, thought repatterning are among the typical elements to be encountered during a typical session.  Sessions usually run between 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours, although there is no set time limit.

Tools & Systems:  There are many highly effective improvement tools and systems already available on the market today.  TRT takes advantage of these existing systems and incorporates the most important elements into the program.  In addition, TRT also makes use of daily hypnosis audio sessions where appropriate to further strengthen and reinforce the therapy sessions.

Progress Based Tracking & Accountability Coaching:  When people can actually see their progress on a day to day basis, it acts as a powerful motivator to continue to push themselves to new levels of achievement.  Regular follow-up is conducted to ensure that the program is being followed and intervene where necessary to ensure the program is being followed in excellence.

These 3 pillars of TRT, when combined, create a strong and powerful mindset that can accomplish anything within the realm of possibility.


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