Hypnosis – What is Hypnosis?

So what is hypnosis anyways? Hypnosis is simply a state of mind . It’s a completely natural state that we all go through every day where we focus our attention intently on a single thing. When you are so deeply focused on a single thing, you tend to ignore everything else. Think about the last time you watch TV. Have you ever been so engaged in a TV show, that you weren’t even aware that someone was calling you from the other room? Or perhaps you can remember driving home late one night and realized several miles later that you completely missed your exit? These are examples of what’s known as a trance state in hypnosis. When somebody enters a state of trance, their mind becomes more suggestible, and their imagination becomes much more creative. I’m sure you’re aware of how powerful the mind is already. It controls your behavior, your health, your values and beliefs, and everything else about you. When you can talk directly to your unconscious mind, bypassing that part of your mind that’s always analyzing everything (we hypnotists call this the critical faculty), you can achieve amazing results in your life.

Is hypnosis dangerous?
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. Many people have seen stage hypnotists apparently making people do all kinds of crazy things on the stage like biting into an onion, thinking it’s an apple; or running around the stage barking like a dog. The fact is this is entertainment, and the people that are going up on stage are people that want to have fun and they’re the type of people that would go crazy regardless of whether they’re in hypnosis or not. Hypnosis is not mind control. You are fully aware and you are fully in control when you are in trance. When you’re in hypnosis you always have a choice and you can accept or reject whatever you want to. You cannot be made to do anything against her will. You won’t give up any secrets that you don’t wish to divulge. If the hypnotists were to tell you to do anything that was not in line with your character, you would either reject the suggestion, or simply come out of your trance. Many Christians have concerns that they are opening their minds to dark forces when they go into hypnosis but the reality is it is no more spiritually dangerous than when you open your mind to watch a movie.

Can you get stuck in hypnosis?
There’s this great movie called “Office Space” where the main character visits a hypnotherapist, who during the session keels over due to a heart attack. The main character leaves the office never coming out of the hypnosis trance, and proceeds to ruin his life because he simply doesn’t care anymore. The reality is you can’t get stuck in hypnosis. If for some reason the hypnotists were to die or leave the room, you would eventually wake up just like you wake up from a normal sleep. Because you are fully aware the entire time, you eventually realize that something was wrong and you would choose to come out of the trance yourself. In the history of hypnosis, not one person has ever become stuck in trance.

I’m not sure I can be hypnotized
Everybody can be hypnotized. If you have a normal fully functioning brain, you are fully capable of being able to enter a trance state. There are different levels of trance ranging from a light trance all the way to a very deep trance. Most change work only requires a light trance in order for the hypnosis to be effective. Everybody can enter at least a light trance (if you couldn’t you wouldn’t be able to enjoy watching a movie, or reading a book, because these activities require you to focus on a single thing and temporarily suspend disbelief.

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