Insight Into PowerPersuasion(tm)

I’m so amped up about your ability to persuade and influence this year!  I’m offering my PowerPersuasion(tm) Course to facilitate your growth and potential.

Here’s what some previous attendees have to say about it.

“Best course for people who are starting off in sales, or wanting to improve in sales, or take it to the next level.”

“What is learned here, can be applied to any field.”

“I Particularly like way Jason went about teaching this course. To go over exercises, actually practicing what you are learning – there’s no better way to committing to memory and having it become a part of you.”

“This will make me better at relationships personally or professionally.”

“You can learn how the unconscious mind works and how you can use that to leverage in your business – it has an immediate effect.  If you are trying to persuade or influence then look into this course!”

Sound good? Look into this course now – right here! Interested? Okay, one more comment from a professional in the insurance business.

“The activities we did were good- we put into practice right away and it gave me a feeling of doing it correctly.”

This course gives you practice time to really learn the principles of persuasion and influence so you can walk away with tools you can use immediately!

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