Memory Metashift

I read a recent article where Joe Vitale talks about some events from his childhood that had shaped his life today.  Interestingly, he remembered that as a teenager he helped his dad build a house.  He had strong kinetic and emotional experiences that helped locked in that memory.

But he was wrong. While the memory of the experience is right,  Joe’s father reminded him that Joe was NOT a teenager, but a mere 10 years old when they completed the house.

Isn’t the mind strange?  Maybe some of the grudges you hold about how you were raised are completely off base.  As Joe points out, this story shows how inaccurate our memories are… and since most of us can’t remember what we ate for lunch yesterday, recalling memories from decades ago is ripe for inaccuracy.

We can use this capability of the mind to create and reposition our perception.  Keep learning more at this blog.

Read the original article here.

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