Persuasion versus Manipulation

Persuasion versus Manipulation

Last night I was doing some sales coaching with a couple who own an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company. Specifically, we were working on an approach script for referrals of new distributors with the intention of getting them signed on to the business. The script they were currently using was provided by the MLM company and sounded very sales pitchy, which we felt would turn most people off. We wanted something that would engage the prospect and seriously boost the chance of them setting up an appointment to present their product and the business opportunity.

Over the next couple of hours and using several power tactics from my PowerPersuasion™ course, we developed a rock solid script that we were all confident would make it very difficult for someone to turn down an appointment. In fact, it was so good, that it actually seemed quite manipulative. And this is where I found it important to point out to them a very key distinction between manipulation and persuasion – Intention. When you use your persuasion skills with the intention of creating a win-win situation between you and the person you are dealing with, then you are ethically and honorably persuading them to your way of thinking. If the situation is unfairly one sided to your advantage, then you are simply manipulating the other person.

Remember, that no one enjoys being manipulated. The moment that someone senses that they are being manipulated, their defense shield goes up, and they will begin rejecting whatever you tell them; But if you come in with a win-win attitude…you truly want to help the person you are dealing with, they will also sense that, and your chances of persuading them will go up exponentially.

Karma is a bitch. If you screw with other people, not only will you fail in persuading them, but it will come back to bite you later on. Always seek out win-win situations, and you will always come out ahead.

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